Live Each Day

I don’t think you ever come to a point in your life where you stop learning.

I am 25 and have experienced a lot already.

But, what I have truly found within it all is..

You may never be rich,  you may never have this persons body frame, that persons face or a Hollywood stars lifestyle.

But that happiness comes before all of that!

I feel at some point.. you have to be independent. Life is unpredictable, but how will you grow if everyone is choosing everything for you or even just influencing you in every way?

I think one of the biggest reasons I suddenly decided two years ago to pack up and go travelling was because, I felt I needed to find myself.
I had too many boundaries, it is easy to be comfortable. It is easy to go to work, go home, spend money be in a routine, but that was stopping me from seeing so much I know now. Sometimes you just need a break and during that period of time, I had been through a lot. A lot of change, worry, responsibilities and it was a challenging time.

If you don’t take time out, you don’t realise the bubble you have put yourself in. I had no idea what I was going see, what I was going to do, all I knew was, I had booked the flights, packed my bag and was going into the unknown.

I said to myself, if your scared be scared, you learn and grow from every feeling inside you and you will over come the fear you once had.

It’s so crystal clear what can make you happy and that is the possible!
LIVING YOUR STORY and not anyone else’s. I wouldn’t of gone through the pain if I hadn’t of gone down the path that was paved for me. Whether I paved it myself or others paved it for me, you become so strong from it all.

I feel I am the luckiest girl in the world because of what I am today.

I am such a believer in shining your inner self. BE YELLOW! Be a sparkle in the light, wrapped up in the stars of the universe, ready to burst out and show your true rainbow!

What will make you happy?

Travel? Money? Fitness? Material Things?

Out of all those things listed.. which will make you the happiest the longer you have it? Which will change you for the better? Which will change your life?

All these create a path.

Simple questions like these can change the way everything seems.

Planning is great but making things happen can create memories you never would of imagined happening!

Let 2016 be the BRIGHTEST! Let it peacock out of all the years flown by. Let it be the year you’re most proud of. Making the fondest memories keeping those who SUPPORT you and bring you out at your BEST!

Try something new, be imaginative and paint your canvas.


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