Picking Papaya!

As healthy as I am, I never had ever tried Papaya.

I even bought one and shoved it in my suitcase for the flight back to London from Sri Lanka because it tasted so good.

Not only is it now my favourite fruit, it has SO many health benefits!

  • Protects Against Heart Disease

  • It Is A Natural Anti-Inflammatory

  • Promotes Digestion

  • Builds Immunity Support

  • High in Vitamin C

  • Papaya seeds have been used in folk medicine to treat parasite and ringworm infections.

  • Assists Hypertension

  • Protection against Macular Degeneration (Eye Vision Loss)

  • Protection against Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Papaya and Green Tea Team Up to Prevent Prostate Cancer

  • Per 100 grams = 43 calories

  • Improves Complexion

  • Nourishes Hair

  • Easy To Eat – Smooth Texture

  • Helps Maintain A Healthy Weight

It has texture like no other fruit, its so easy to eat. It slides, it is soft and it is a calm mild taste. If you are a fussy eater or have children who have been difficult to feed, THIS is the perfect good source of natural sugars and all the health benefits I’ve listed above. Eaten in moderation. So go get some today!

Luckily if you do live in London, Brixton Market does sell them as I have found out this weekend.

These are good for making juices, fruit salads, a snack, smoothies and to be added to  chicken salads.


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  1. TurboTrace says:

    Hi Ness Have you mentioned to Helen about papaya for macular degeneration for grandma, although of course if does depend on which type it works for? T xx Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2016 15:49:33 +0000 To: turbotrace082@hotmail.co.uk


    1. It just helps it in general, eye loss but I’ve shared it on her wall now 🙂 Thankyou for the idea! Xx


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