Do you sleep with wet hair?

So I came across this article this morning in Women’s Health and I do this all the time.

Now I know you damage your hair with heat from hair dryers and straighteners etc but as I have read, your hair is the most fragile it can be when it is wet.

I have a habit of washing my hair at night, whacking it into a pony tail or bun and going to bed. This is not good for your hair and COULD risk breakage.

Also, it can effect your immune system. At night as you would gather, your body temperature is at its lowest (as it is also when you have a lack of sleep). So if you sleep with wet hair, you are risking yourself to catch a cold and your immunity may take a hit.

I am a HUGE fan of Macadamia oil, it has saved my hair from COUNTLESS amounts of colour change, from red, blonde, black, brunette, purple, ginger, pink, blue my hair is still thick, long and I would never change using this serum!

Using Coconut oil and eating foods such as Salmon or Avocados also helps your hair condition/growth too!

Here is a link to purchase some of the Hair Serum.



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