The Beauty of Sri Lanka

I never ever thought of Sri Lanka as a place I would go to. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know much about it, I never knew anyone who had been there.


It honestly is so beautiful, it is everything you see when you imagine the island. Sometimes you can google destinations and it turns out nothing like you expected, however, this was not the case!

The People

I fell for the love of the people. I have never in my previous travels met any community like it. They were so kind, helpful, thoughtful, gentle and always smiling! They really made you feel like a queen and wanted!

The Hotels 

The hotels were great, you can pay £10 a night for a standard hotel with breakfast and wifi or if you choose to pay more you will get a QUALITY beautiful place to stay.


The Climate

The atmosphere is slightly humid at first, but like anywhere, your body adjusts and you don’t notice it after a few minutes. THE BONUS of the humidity was that my friend and I never once needed to use after sun or moisturiser after a shower in the evening because the climate did the job for you. You certainly would never suffer with dry skin! The tan you get to build up perfectly with very little burn (factor 15-20 is pretty ideal for tanning sessions).

The Wild Life

The wild life are so adorable, just as kind and approachable as the people. There is a beach where wild turtles come to the shore and you can feed them or swim next to them in the sea, there are plenty of places to see elephants where you feed stroke and ride them. Monkeys are pretty much everywhere but to spot them can be tricky depending on where you are. There is a turtle sanctuary and so much more!

Food and Drinks

The food was fantastic! First of all, Sri Lankan curries are not like Indian curries. The sauce is less thick and I would say has less diary, it is as if it is a clean curry but tastes delicious. The fruit is filling, extremely filling! You really could go on with your day after just a fruit salad in the morning and feel energised. The FISH is incredible, its bigger than what you get in the UK so you get more for your money, for a cheaper price and the texture is great! They use a lot of Limes in their foods for flavour which was interesting as well as in a lot of their drinks. The spices are so clean, you get a pure taste of what spiciness really is and it really assisted my digestive system in not a harsh way! I realised you don’t eat much sugar there. I do not think I even had it the majority of the time I was there besides the two occasions of ice cream. (which also is life changing. SO CREAMY!)

Now when it comes to drinks.. I am such a milk lover and the milk was so different. It was from a buffalo and it was so yummy. Creamy too! The TEA was great, I only have ever liked one tea and that is Yorkshire Tea, however the tea there was AMAZING! I even brought some back with me – A good affordable brand was called Tea Jar (in a bright red box). Finally, down to the alcohol. BOY did they give you strong drinks, ha ha over there they only drink to get drunk (I was informed) which is great because not only do they make sure you enjoy the taste, you also get your moneys worth.

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Around 80% of Sri Lanka are Buddhist and I learnt so much about it. Its all about morals, how to treat others and not about following a god and no wonder the majority of the country are so wonderful! It really is a kind atmosphere and the Temples are simply incredible too!

All in all, Sri Lanka is worth the stay and I would recommend everyone to go there. January – March are the best times to go as it is the most dry. I would plan a route and plan the stays before hand as they can get fully booked.


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