Meeting Kate Hudson

Today I had the pleasure of meeting this beaut of a star, Kate Hudson!

Not only was her presence so kind and happy, she really seemed so normal. Giving everyone that came to speak to her the time of day and treated everyone equally.

Today was all about her new book – “Pretty Happy”

As I got closer to her I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was, (Some stars don’t look like their photos) however, with Kate she is simply the picture of Youth, Happiness, Health and Beauty.

The first thing she commented on was my attire which was a denim long tie up cloak.

“I love what you are wearing, I have been wearing so much denim recently”

Then we got into a brief conversation about when she exercises. She said her most memorable and beautiful view whilst running was whilst filming a movie called Fool’s Gold in Australia. She said it was beautiful and this is precisely why! Look at that VIEW!


A Brief Reading of – “Pretty Happy”kate-hudson-435.jpg

WOW! So far it is amazing, I haven’t read something from the start so gripping since Khloe Kardashian’s – Strong Looks Better Naked.

This is a book for the people who love to find themselves, how to feel good, get confidence, how to be healthy and most of all, happy!

She really gives you a positive vibe and enjoyable read from just the introduction and I have found it hard to put it down to blog.

She considers her life into four pillars:

  • Eat Well
  • Cultivate an Intuitive Relationship With Your Body
  • Awaken Your Body
  • The Miracle Of Mindfulness

Which I am yet to read about and find out what exactly she means by it all!

Already this is a book to recommend and will write so much more once I have finished.. which may be tomorrow ha ha just kidding!


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