The Confusion of Healthy Lifestyles

The most common mistake a lot of people assume is that you miss out on good taste and a great meal when you become healthy or gluten free.

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I get compliments and questions these days on my figure and on the way I look. More than I have ever had before.

Do I eat chocolate? Yes.

Do I eat carbs? Yes (ALWAYS a shocker).

Do I still fry chicken? OF COURSE!

Being healthy doesn’t mean SACRIFICE! I can’t project this enough to you. I don’t sacrifice the things I enjoy because if I did, the chances of me binging on them and coming off a  clean diet could come into play. It literally is just all about eating the right foods together, eating at a good hour and finally eating decent food.

Here are some tips I have found through all my years of dieting and you may either be surprised or can relate. I hope this helps a lot of you out there.

When should you eat before exercise to burn fats?

In new research it is said that:image3 (2).JPG

MEN – Should not eat before a workout in the morning and you will burn up to 20% more fat than with breakfast.

Women – Should eat between 80-100 minutes before working out and you can burn up to 28% more fat than with breakfast!

Cheat Days?

I personally don’t find this works for me. I found myself BINGING on my cheat days. I had craved all my favourites through the week, that by Sunday I wouldn’t have the appetite for all the things I wanted and would try to eat as much as i could in one day. 1 – That’s just insanity and 2 –  It is not healthy, putting a lot of strain on your body. It may work for some people but for myself, I really would just like to eat the “naughty” pieces when it feels right to, using my own common sense. So these days I never MISS any foods; I have less pressure and I enjoy everything I eat.

No Carbohydrates?

This is a really hit and miss diet. I have done it before and yes it works but to an extent. I ended up missing carbs when I probably wasn’t, just because I knew I couldn’t have it. You then eat them when you’re treating yourself and feel awful after thinking “Oh NO! I came so far, I’m going to have to workout extra hard to take this off my body tomorrow!”         Ridiculous right? But that is how I felt.

I will give you the facts.

  • If you deprive yourself of carbs, your body will latch on to them when you eat them because it needs them for energy. Therefore CARBS PREVENT WEIGHT GAIN!
  • Your brain cells will not function as well as they should. Carbohydrates turn into glucose which are used on your muscles and brain. If not consumed, your mood can flag and who wants to feel awful when life is about LIVING!
  • Increasing carbohydrates that are high in fibre also keeps the weight gains at bay. Swapping refined grains for whole grains may help reduce total body fat and belly fat.
  • Eating a breakfast made with “slow-release” carbohydrates, such as oatmeal or bran cereal, 3 hours before exercise may help to burn more fat.

Exercise – Getting Started!

Okay, so rule number one is…

“WHY?” Why do you want to exercise? For your mind? Body? To correct some insecurities? Not all exercises will fix each reason but there is always, always, always one that will and  this leads to the next question.

“How would you enjoy this?” To keep it up and stay at it you will need to see it as FUN and not a chore. For example, I don’t really enjoy Yoga and it wouldn’t encourage me to go daily, for that very reason.

I love Dance and anything cardiovascular or active – I believe it is the (main) reason I don’t ever get stressed in life. So before you start fitness, have a think about what you would enjoy; I also think it is great to mix it up from time to time too. Try different things because they can bring you new feelings and new interests. You may like the feeling of being slender; you may prefer the feeling of getting strong. It may change from time to time and that is the great thing about exercise, it can always change.

Food Substitutes, Appetite Suppressants, Shakes and Juice Diets… ???

image3What I learnt in my nutrition course, is that when you have these diets you don’t consume ALL the goodness you think you will. Basically, when you chew your food, your saliva mixes with the food. So when it travels down to digest, your body NEEDS that combination of the saliva and food to transfer into your arteries and bring the goodness into your blood stream. By drinking foods constantly, it will simply go through your system faster, which is why people who live on these shakes can have poor pigmentation (colour) on their skin, breakouts or even age slightly faster than someone who eats normally. This obviously means your body does not have the exact fuel it needs to battle simple things like colds or illnesses; this is especially bad for people with poor immune systems.

If you know me well, you would know I am not entirely a fan of them because of the chemicals and for the exact reasons doctors have not prescribed them to patients to counter obesity in the world. I have also done these diets too and yes, I am not against them in moderation.

I found that my energy was rinsed on them, I don’t drink coffee or eat sugars often so I became dependant on them and a day without a shake (in my mind) was a day of weight gain, consumed with guilt, when that should not be the case. As soon as you come off them, your energy takes a hit, you can gain weight because you’re used to a liquid/shake formed substance and just knowing what I learnt in nutrition about what is in some of them helped me realise, food was put on this planet for a reason. Lets get real. To be honest, there are less lazy ways to keep fit and healthy. Get creative and have fun making  some clean meals or a home made smoothie! After all, I love a good smoothie 🙂 .

Starvation and Laxatives?

Unfortunately, I have to admit I have done this for a night out. Especially in my teens when I believed I was overweight (which I never have been).

It seems to be a trend around young girls, as soon as someone gets broken hearted, they have no appetite and become thinner. Girls around them, then feel they are too big and do the same because starvation seems to work. Eventually more and more girls around me started to have their first breakups and everyone suffered the same way but I guess it happens when you are older too because I hear it is called the DIVORCE DIET!

This is not a diet and never should be. STRESS is what is making you lose the weight and starvation will only make you feel like crap and look like it too. Pigmentation will be seen through all the fake tan girls try and hide it with and I just want to express the worry it can bring to them or anyone who is addicted to starvation. Your body can forget how to work properly and cause you health issues in the future.

Which leads me onto Laxatives. AGAIN, this starts off by a an advert or a friend doing them as a cleanse and then the results are so good you want them daily to remain looking at an ideal body weight. Your body will not stay like this.

I have known a couple friends who have actually damaged their insides from laxative abuse and it can’t be fixed. I have to express the warning of this and how bad your body can suffer from it. The main reason you should have a healthy lifestyle and eating good food, is because it is here for a reason and to keep you living a long happy life. YOU CAN achieve an amazing figure from happiness and eating, you just need to figure out what goes with what. It really is that simple 🙂 .

Too much of the same meal is bad for you. Too much of most things is bad for you. Like I said before, these shakes/juice diets are fine in moderation but make sure you are with a well respected supplier. Exercise can be for everyone, it is not all about fast pace it can be slow and you can get results from so many different fitness options. I don’t particularly like the word diet, I think lifestyle is the right choice of wording because it is a way to live. Diets seem to have an end, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t.

I hope this post has helped some of you and encourages you to feel great about yourself. Your body is not a movie, there will never be a sequel.



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  1. emmawritesthingshere says:

    Preach! No-one ever listens when i say cutting out carbs is bad! Great post ness


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