Keeping Weight At Bay In A Healthy Way!

I found it hard to keep on one track when it came to my weight and fitness. So many options are out there and it c
an be very confusing!

I will highlight some methods I have foundkeep me in the best shape, healthy and most importantly HAPPY! What I aim to do with my blog in general is to try and assist you to figure out your own way to live
right for you.

I don’t want it to become obsessive! No more stressing over scales, no more watching every single little thing, feeling guilty over a bite of something wrong. No no no!  I just want you to have the knowledge. Sounds stupid but common sense, like you know not to eat chicken with chocolate. That is how I want your mind to function. You go to the fridge and to know what will work with what in your body. Things like that.

Starting with Scales?

Okay so I am not a fan of scales entirely. I think if you are starting out from the verge of obesity, they are useful to watch progress and worth the investment, however when you achieve the ideal goal for yourself what happens?

You wake up, normal routine of going to the toilet and then stepping on the scales… you have put on a pound or two. Great way to start the day? No. It can affect your whole day by a meaningless pound or two and is that feeling really worth the two steps?

Even if I reached my ideal weight I used to want to get lower and lower. I now look back and realised I really wasn’t happy through my day because my main thought process of that day was obsessing over losing more and how. Nor was I healthy.

My theory is, chuck the scales once you meet your ideal weight. Get a pair of jeans, old or new and realistic ones that is the figure you will fit in as everyone is different. Now I want these to be a life long keep, so hardly wear them if you can (maybe buy some ugly ones so you’re not tempted). Then basically you put them on to determine your weight.These are your scales. The good thing about jeans and not leggings is they can tell you facts because they won’t stretch too much. As soon as you feel them tight, you will know you have put on some pounds which you could do with losing, and it will be fast to lose as it’s only minor. If they feel fine your fine. If they have lost all fit then you can go from there for how you feel about that. This way, you won’t obsess over an exact weight and you will have more happy days.

I think this method is physiologically friendlier. It is just a kinda way of denim telling you how it is. It’s not a direct number flashing in your face, its just a fit and less damaging to yourself esteem. So go get yourself some new really ugly jeans guys 😉  !

Nutritional Advise

Bodies are all very different you can get a blood test which can determine what body type you are. For example some of you can digest carbohydrates, protein, dairy and sugars totally the same. They all burn the same off your body and boy are you lucky if you have that. For me that is not the case, my body has a little difficulty with carbohydrates and dairy. They affect my body more than anything else. (Than even sugars can you believe!) But hey, I know this now and I will work my food lifestyle around it to keep my body how I want it to be WHILST maintaining the nutrition side of things. Eating good carbs, every other day, ones easier to digest and still consuming dairy too.

YOU NEED all these foods but just be careful not to binge on the ones you find hard to work off your body most because it can set you back and at least be aware of the fact it may happen so you don’t get down over it. I have not given up any meals in my life, I just will act smart for when I really want it.

Not all of you will find Carbohydrates hard it may be high fatty proteins that you find harder, everyone is different.

A way to figure this information doesn’t have to be a blood test (which can be expensive). You live in your body right? So whatever age you are you should be able to figure out or have a hunch what may cause you bloating and weight gain more than others. From there, just my advice is look up some foods that are easier to digest in the category.

Eat when you are hungry

So many of us like routine and that is not a bad thing, it is definitely a good thing to be organised, although when it comes to diets and eating habits I think you really should listen to your body on this one

Your body knows when it is hungry. End of.

Some people forget the feeling of hunger because you just eat when you go passed a shop and see something that will taste nice or you just eat out of boredom.

The reason being is sometimes you don’t know what you may be doing that day. If you eat the same amount you would eat a day consuming a lot of exercise, then you will eat more than you really need to. Eat based on how your body feels. You probably do it when your thirsty because most people confuse hunger with thirst. Leading you to drink only when you are truly dehydrated which most people are in general from this common mistake.

Eat on smaller plates

This is quite a popular method. I do it a lot actually. By using a smaller dish you are not over filling your plate but you make your food look bigger. This will encourage you not to over eat, eat till you are full and let your body feel light and energised with the right amount of fuel it needs. Lunch and Dinner is probably the best times to do this as breakfast can always be burnt off. Maybe go purchase a new little plate so this encourages you to want to use it.

Start the Selfies

The whole idea is to watch your body change, of course you will feel it in your clothes and notice it but sometimes you change so subtly that you forget where you even started and I sometime wish I had before and after photos. So it is worth making a little album and watching progress. I notice it in my face sometimes too! ALSO, if you fall off the wagon IT IS PROOF you CAN go back and get that hot bod and confidence back. Proof is everything so be your own drive and inspiration because your not going to end up looking exactly like these celebs. You are going to be better than that, your going to be YOU! And what is more unique and glowing than that?!

I hope some of these have helped you with your motivation and given you some ideas to what could benefit you and your progress.


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