Sugar – How It Controls You

We all love to have it at some point in our lives don’t we, however some of us can really see the subtle influence sugar can have on our minds. I will explain to you here, in a simple, easy way without speaking “science” mumbo jumbo.

Your body has many sensors that send signals to the brain. From touch, pain, scents and sight you name it, they are signals that tell your brain instantly the news.

You look at a cat – Your brain knows that’s a cat.

You smell food – Your brain thinks of food.

You get the jist.

SO why does sugar control our motives? 

The tongue is one of the most powerful signal senders in the human body. Your tongue can also get addictions (from the taste buds). When sugar, or salt for that matter, hits your tongue, your tongue  gets a high. It tells your brain “THIS IS REALLY TASTY. I WANT MORE!”.

Which leads me on to your digestive receptors. They aren’t as strong or as powerful as these in your taste buds on your tongue. So when your tummy is saying “Okay enough now. I am getting full. I don’t need any more food.” Those messages don’t hit the brain quick enough, because the taste buds are controlling what you’re thinking and doing.

It’s as if Sugar or Salt is a drug for a short period of time and this can also cause obesity.

So what is the answer? 

My best advice to you, is to avoid sugar in the mornings and lunchtime. If you have sugar in the mornings, you are most likely to snack through the day, drink less, get tired and eat the wrong foods because your brain thinks it wants sugar, which is doesn’t. It wants water or food.

Try swapping refined Sugar for Honey – Not only is this HIGHLY beneficial for you health wise, but its a natural sugar, much like fruit.

Avoid sugar daily, you don’t need it to function.

Swap sugary cereals like ‘Honey Loops’, ‘Crunchy Nut’, ‘Golden Nuggets’ etc for things like Bran Flakes, Fruit and Greek Yoghurt, Eggs, Weetabix, Home made Smoothies etc.

I hope this gives you a good understanding of how you can adapt to simple changes into your life to make a difference.


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