Securing Sanity

Many things can cause our body to react in different ways. From Coffee to Dairy to Sleep it all has a effect on each of us. I have listed here a few facts that may help anyone who is suffering with sleep, anxiety, depression etc.

Remember, everyone is different but at the same time I have had a lot of positive response back to the advice I have provided. If I write something below this does not mean – never consume again – it is simply a heads up. What has worked for me may also work for you.


Caffeine – This is a MASSIVE cause for anxiety (especially in large amounts). I personally had anxiety a few years ago, triggered by a difficult time in my life and drinking coffee made me worse. I used to drink it as a pick me up and to make me feel/be upbeat but then I never knew this would shatter my nerves even more. Coffee has some super healthy advantages, however for me, my main concern at the time was to combat anxiety in general because it was ruining my social life. I am the last person anyone would expect to have even had anxiety but luckily I know how to tackle it and for that I am greatful.

Things to avoid if you suffer with anxiety would be a lot of sugary energy drinks, energy shakes and certain coffees.

Cigarettes – These again are another major cause of anxiety. It’s not necessarily the addiction; it is actually the contents of what is within your cigarettes that gives you the anxious feeling. Best advice from me is to quit. It really isn’t worth it in the long run when you see how sick people get with cancer too. You have ONE body it doesn’t have a sequel of chances to live.

Simple Alterations To Settle The Stress:

  • Tea (yes Tea has more caffeine than Coffee but the bags don’t provide the amount as much as Coffee).
  • Coffee as a luxury or decaf.
  • Honey in your foods and drinks instead of sugar.
  • Sparkling water with a fruit cut or squeezed in. (Lime, Lemon, Blueberries Strawberries, Ginger, Cucumber, Mint Leaves and many more!) – Instead of energy drinks.
  • Homemade smoothies instead of packaged branded mixes.
  • Carbohydrates – on the days I know I will be using a lot of my mindset, I will have a carby breakfast. I have the whole day to work it off and we all know the brain can’t properly function WITHOUT glucose. Carbohydrates are the source to get glucose to your brain. Exactly why you shouldn’t avoid them. Feed your brain!
  • Fish – fish is such a good source for your brain to function correctly.
  • Garlic – is a stress buster and tastes amazing.
  • Rosemary – the super brainy herb! (Also good for hair.)



This could be down to many reasons depending on the person. A few things that may not help are diet, sleeping patterns and lifestyle. Here are a few things that may help.

  • In a recent study it is revealed that we should be getting between 6-8 hours sleep a night. No more no less. Your body has enough time to recharge and digest what needs to be digested. If you sleep anymore than that your body will be over tired and if you consume any less it simply isn’t enough. Usually it is best to also advise an even number of hours as it takes a good two hours for your body to complete a sleeping cycle.
  • Reduce OR avoid caffeine as much as you can. The difference you will feel is life changing. Obviously for the first few days you WILL be tired and flaggy, however, it will be worth it in the end when your body isn’t craving what it naturally doesn’t need.
  • Dairy clogs up your arteries – therefore it acts as a block on all the goodness from the foods you eat and drinks to enter the bloodstream. The less the dairy is consumed the clearer the passage is to your blood.
  • Exercise is known to increase the endorphins in the body. Not only will it increase your health, posture and figure, but it will also increase your brain functions, serotonin levels (happy hormone) and will provide your body with more energy naturally in a few days.



Sugar brings your body INSTANT energy. If consumed daily it will teach your body to rely on it. Your body craves sugar as soon as it’s consumed, so providing it every single day will just increase the high addiction.

It doesn’t release energy slowly. It is quick at providing you with energy and just as quick as wearing off.

What do you expect to happen to your body then? 

A quick RISE = quick LOW.

This can cause many lows in the way you feel. Motivation will slack and also you just won’t be your best self.

AGAIN this is not something to avoid for life, to be honest sugar should be treated as a luxury.

Sugars cause a lot of health problems including cancer! This is why you shouldn’t have too many sugary fruit in your body daily because that can even cause it. Just be wise. Vary your diet and lower the sugar count, that isn’t hard and is all it takes.

I hope this is a slight bit of help for some of you who may be suffering with the above or just in general find this information interesting. 

Secure your sanity, you only live once right!  


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