Courgettie Chicken!

Ingredients 2 cups of Spinach 1-2 cups of Courgette Spaghetti 1/2 a Lime 1 large Chicken Breast Econa Jerk BBQ Sauce (Optional) Cottage Cheese Coconut Butter/Oil Oils – Chill/Garlic/Olive/Rapeseed Get a chopping board and butterfly your chicken breast. (Slice in half through it’s side but not all the way and open up to get ready…

Ham and Chicken with Ranch Salad!

Ingredients 1 Cup Of Emmental 1/5-1/4 Iceberg Lettuce Ranch Dressing 2 TBS Of Pre-Cooked Ham 2 TBS Chicken 1 Plum Tomato 1 Cup Of Sliced Cucumber Get a large salad bowl. Chop up the lettuce into sizes you desire and place in the mixing salad bowl. Slice and dice the tomato and place to the side….