Two Weeks Of Veganism

I have now completed two weeks of a gluten free vegan lifestyle.

Before I started this journey I can’t say I really understood how hard it would be as a coeliac. You are basically swapping most proteins for carbs and finding gluten free carbs isn’t always easy or affordable. So let’s just say it hasn’t been as easy as I assumed.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to workout as much as I would have liked to down to a back injury, however, I am back on track and will try double as hard in the next two weeks to show you all the progress in photos!

So what changes have I noticed?

  1. My Figure

Of course after two weeks even though I have not been able to do much weight training I have noticed a change in my shape.

  • Stomach – Super slim every morning however I have felt more bloated than normal by the end of the day, down to more carb intake on certain days. I must concour to the fact that my muscles are certainly more defined! Which is a great feeling!
  • The waist – This is the main obvious change, love handles were not exactly there before but it was always down to my exercise regime, the fact I haven’t been able to workout shows me that this diet really works for that area.
  • Arms – Haven’t gained any weight
  • Face – Gained more weight than just living the gluten free lifestyle
  • Glutes – Gained but in a good way

So basically looking at me front ways, i’m less curvy, which is probably down to the no dairy or fats.

2. Cravings and Food Changes.

I found myself craving so much need for certain foods. It may be down to the fact I haven’t done this long but it hasn’t left yet. My body is craving variety of goodness. I have eaten more fruit than normal and more variety of vegetables to make up the spaces however I still find myself literally craving for more of something else. This shows me how important it is to do the research before the diet before you become malnourished.

A news report I heard about last week was about a child who was taken away from their vegan parents down to malnourishment and that just shows how important the research is!

The only problem I can see with this diet is that you are completely carbohydrate dependent a lot of the time. Everyone obviously has different lifestyles but carbs are certainly required.

3. Energy

I would say I am quite an energetic person in general however this diet has kept my brain more in gear! I have 100% noticed that this would be a great diet for Uni Students down to the fact you really don’t get mentally drained easily.  I like the feeling of wisdom, being smart and on the ball!

4. Appetite

This hasn’t changed at all. I eat a big breakfast, small lunch and small/medium dinner.

5. Eating Out

This has been incredibly hard for me with the fact I am also gluten free. Like I said before, most Vegan meals are filled with gluten so I don’t think this diet is wise for a Coeliac if they can help it. I would say it has just made my life a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

6. New Recipe’s

This has been super fun! I have found a new adoration for Tofu (smoked mainly) and Falafel! They can pretty much go with everything and replace any protein.

Here I will show you a few of my homemade recipes I have created and hope you can all try! I love the feedback I get and seeing the changes others have done so even if you make the recipes not vegan I would love to have your input!

Carrot, Courgette Sticks With Homemade Humous
Goji Berries + Banana + Pineapple Blended, Mixed With Chai Seeds Sprinkled With Hemp
image1 (2)
Coconut Vegan Yoghurt, Hemp, Blackberries, Blueberries, Pumpkin Seeds, Hemp
Avocado and Almond Milk blend, Ground Almond, Jam and Goji Berrries
image4 (1)
Fried Chickpeas and Watermeon Avocado Salad
Thai Rice Noodles With Rocket, Chilli, Peanutbutter< Hemp Seeds, Edamame Beans
image1 (3)
Pomegranate, Glutenfree Porridge, Goji Berries, Jam
Courgettie, Chilli Quinoa and Orange Pepper
PURE Pineapple Juice
Falafel Slaw Salad
Corn On The Cob
Peanutbutter and Banana Wraps

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