My Month As A Vegan!

image2 (2).JPGSo, I have completed my time as a Gluten Free Vegan.

Here I will tell you all about the changes I experienced. From the way I look to the way I function and finally the way I feel.


image1 (4)

I got told I would possibly bloat at first for the first few days as a new excessive amount of carbohydrates was needed into my diet. Down to losing a lot of good nutritious foods and also because my job is so fast pace, always on my feet and then working out every evening.

Face – My face is so much fuller! Chubbier cheeks, so maybe this will suit someone who is looking for a strong anti aging cream or face fillers.

Chest – At first, my chest got bigger, but now it has gone back to normal. Not really changed at all.

Arms – They are so lean. My arms have not gained anything, if they have lost weight it would have been subtle but I am very happy and comfortable to have them out in a tank top.

Back – Leaner. The results are perfect for anyone who wants a defined back.

Stomach – Lean in the morning but bloated as soon as I eat. Every single day. It never changed. I mainly focus on my tummy out of all places and the results I got from this diet I really am not happy with. My stomach was so lean on a normal gluten free diet so it was really hard to adjust to the food bump at the end of every day.

Love Handles – They completely vanished. Which is always good. I love having curvy hips but from my natural bone structure. Veganism really got rid of it all.

Glutes – They grew a lot at first (in a good way). Which I was happy about. It is not as big as it was unfortunately but it is still bigger than normal.

Legs – I run and cardio 5 days a week. As well as on my feet all day at work. My legs are the most defined part of my body so to gain weight there would be a challenge. I can’t say they changed much to be honest. The top of my legs got slightly bigger at first but they have remained the same and my calves are super super lean.


Brain – I have not got tired mentally on this diet at all. I don’t drink coffee so I know that helps your mental state, but it really has been good for anyone who needs to use their mind throughout a long part of the day. When I have exams at uni I will probably debate a lot of vegan diet days for revision or maybe Pescetarian (Vegetarian with fish) as fish is so good for the brain.

Body Energy – Like I said before, I don’t consume much caffeine so I don’t ever crash but I can say my energy has been pretty good. I don’t come home and slump. I just feel normal.

Hunger and the way I feel – Awful. I know there is usually a two week period where you get used to anything but this has just not got any easier. I am of course gluten free so the diet was SUPER LIMITED. I couldn’t find many gluten free falafel’s, tofu, bread etc. I also had to make sure I had all the certain amounts of Vitamins, Minerals and Calcium a day which was not cheap. I went from £20 a week shops to £60. In a month let’s just say it has added up!

I felt and feel so malnourished. I really want to hype on this because I have never felt like this before. Trust me, I did everything by the book when it came to what I needed every day and I expected to feel even better than normal as a vegan from what I read from others online. Every day my body craves more. It needs real food. What we are designed to digest. What we as humans really work well with!

This is the main reason why I cannot wait to just go back to normal, gluten free.

It is important we listen to our bodies. I had more spots, I felt like I had eaten but the same feeling you get after a pizza or burger. Just malnourished.

Yes we are all different and some people may honestly enjoy this diet, whether it is down to their beliefs or just in the diet, however for a coeliac IT IS NOT WISE.

Our intestines don’t work properly as it is so I am going to treat it well every day with the best nutritious values I can afford to give it.

Every year I see my body in more and more of a mother’s eyes in a sense it needs looking after or it won’t know what to do without me guiding it. I get protective over it. I want to make it work at it’s best and stay healthy. Some may say it is bizarre but your body is a wonderful thing. I am passed the days of abusing it.

In conclusion I took on the challenge and completed it! I am so proud of myself in a sense that I love my will power that got me through. Also I have loved the experience because I saw my body change in ways I never knew it could which was interesting to watch and I now treasure food a lot more than I thought I could and I am so lucky I have just two food allergies (Gluten and Sulphites).

So here it is, a Vegan experience written from just a little ambitious gluten free guider.


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