Festival Food Survival

So every year I attend the U.k’s festivals and this year I thought it would be a good idea for all you Gluten Free Guiders to have some ideas on how to survive and be healthy out in the wild world of Music, Camping, Booze and Laughs!


Okay so let’s keep it simple and get straight to the point…

  • CANS!  – Cans don’t need a fridge so anything down to beans, sweetcorn, chickpeas, peas, soups etc can work, and you could make a good mix off tinned foods together into a unique salad!
  • SNACK FOOD – This won’t be highly nutritious however the food stalls at the Festivals can charge over £1 for things such as crisps, or £3 for a couple slices of refrigerated ham! So, the best thing to do is find maybe things like, biscuit breakfast snacks/bars or oat cakes (great with a cup of tea with a morning sunrise on the camp site). Also you could get rice cakes, sesame snaps, protein bars that you can find gluten free (quest bars are quite good for energy and better for you than a gluten free packet of crisps).
  • SHAKES – pre workout, protein shakes, meal replacement, herbalife, juiceplus or whatever takes your fancy that is gluten free that comes in a powder and can be mixed with water is probably also one of the healthiest things you can do. It will give you all the vitamins you need and long lasting energy.
  • FOOD FROM THE FESTIVAL – every festival is different, however, as it is trending to be healthy at the moment I am seeing so many Vegan, Vegetarian, Health trailers around. Bare in mind they will cost at least a fiver usually and mostly only take cash not card. You can get such things as juice bars that give you blended fruits, rice meals, nachos, chips, corn on the cob, cheese, sweet stands but like I say every festival will differ.
  • Water – SO important, they wont be cheap to buy there and neither is alcohol so stock up and also alcohol is usually not permitted besides your camp sight so make sure you take your gluten free alcohol (out of a glass bottle) and stored in a great place.
  • GET A COOLER – so i got one of those shopping cooler bags and then filled up a bag cooler with water and kept it in the freezer overnight. I then made some fresh food and got a handful of fruit and put them all in the cooler bag knowing it probably would only last the day because of the heat but it did the job for my first day of fun!


I hope this helps on your survival skills for your future festivals and that you have a lot of fun!

Take lots of pictures and remember what ideas you get along the way so we never have these problems again 😉 .



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