Baked Haddock with Natto Bean Salad


Serves: 2

2 haddock fillets
150g (2 Tbs) Natto
230g Cannelloni Beans
1g Salt
1 Tbs Rapeseed Oil
160g Cauliflower
10-15g Basil
1/2 Lemon Juice
2-3 (22g) Spring Onions
Sprinkle Black Pepper
Drop of olive oil

Meal Type: Lunch or Dinner

Served Temperature: Cold-warm

Preparation: Rinse vegetables that suggest so on their packets & wash hands


  1. Pre-heat oven at 180 and put fill water into a pan to start boiling.
  2. You will need a baking dish for the next instruction. With not even a teaspoon of Olive Oil, wipe the bottom of the dish to prevent the fish from sticking to the base. Place the fillet of Haddock into a cooking dish and squeeze a little of the lemon juice onto the fish and place into the oven. Allow the Fish to cook for 15-20 minutes in  total.
  3. Wash hands to remove fish residue.
  4. With your tinned Cannelloni Beans, pour the contents into a sieve and rinse over with cold water and leave to drain.
  5. When you notice water is bubbling/boiling, place your Cauliflower into the water carefully and allow to cook with the lid on the pan for 4-8 minutes in total.
    (This will depend on the wight of your Cauliflower – to check the density of your Cauliflower, simply push a knife through the Cauliflower to check it is no longer hard but not too soft and over cooked).
  6. Collect a knife, salad/mixing bowl and chopping board.
  7. Pour pre-drained Cannelloni Beans into the salad bowl.
  8. Cut your Spring Onions and place into the bowl.
  9. With a tablespoon, scoop two spoons full of Natto into the salad bowl. If you are unsure how much is 18g per scoop feel free to measure the content you have scooped with scales to be sure.
  10. Next, measure 1 full tablespoon of Rapeseed Oil and mix into the contents into the bowl.
  11. Chop up basil leaves and weigh into a bowl.
  12. Squeeze half a lemon over the bowl and allow juice to be stirred around with the ground black pepper and salt. Adding your basil leaves in too with the mixture.
  13. Divide the bean salads content between two plates evenly as possible.
  14. By this time the cauliflower and fish may be near finished. With regards to the cauliflower, drain in a sieve and chop and weigh 80g of Cauliflower for each persons plate.
  15. Remove baking tray with Haddock onto a heat proof table top and with a utensil lift each fillet of fish onto each plate and squeeze any amount of lemon juice left onto the fish adding any additional pepper or little bit of salt you require.
  16. Eat and enjoy!
  17. To bulk this meal up or provide more flavours – I have previously added 5 cubes of feta and spinach leaves. For those who do not eat fish I have also added in details with grilled chicken. Details on the differences of the meal are detailed below when kit comes to calories and macro-nutrient intake.

fish natto meal

Fish natto meal statsFish natto meal stats 2





This Meal + Low Fat Feta + Spinach 

Fish natto meal stats 2 with feta and spinachFish natto meal stats with feta and spinach



Original Meal + Chicken 

Chicken natto beans salad meal - ingChicken natto beans salad meal - stat 2Chicken natto beans salad meal - stat




Original Meal + Chicken + Feta + Spinach

Chicken natto beans salad meal - ingredientsChicken natto beans salad meal - stats 2Chicken natto beans salad meal - stats


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