Food Facts

Everyone finds it interesting when you say simple food facts.

“Mushroom consumers lose centimetres form their waistline compared to people who don’t consume mushrooms”

“Grapes Prevents Breast, Colon and Prostate Cancers”

“Chicken aids muscle growth, healing and development”

“Bananas assist body temperature regulate at a normal rate”

“Avocado is great food for young and old babies. (An Avocado is the size of a 16 week baby in the mother’s womb, nawww!)”

Like I explained in the ABOUT section of my Blog,

That when everyone talks about the science of foods; Low GI’s, High GI’s, Serotonin Levels, Glucose, Sulphites etc. – Your concentration starts to boggle or fade.We don’t all need to know the science, why is it never easy to know the simple and interesting facts?

Important life changing facts that could assist you to prevent/help against health problems and diseases such as Cancer, Coeliac, Arthritis, Digestion, IBS, Lactose etc.

So on here I will blog about one Food at a time, giving you as much interesting and useful information as possible! It may end up helping you or others around you.