My Kitchen

What better way to make cooking fun, than to customise your surroundings, making it into your own.
When it comes to my kitchen interior I don’t just buy anything. My Dad always taught me, food needs to be quality not quantity and the same goes for your tools. How else would you create a masterpiece?
Put a stamp on your kitchen and cooking skills, be unique and remember, it is all about enjoying the process. Its the equivalent of an Artist having their favourite pen, pencil or paintbrush and the food is your canvas.
Also, I love looking at the different styles of Kitchens you can find online, it influences my own!
I am a fan of a probably three styles:

  1. A woodland cabin feel
  2. A New York brick wall industrial style
  3. A vintage full of old school type of tins theme

But within time, I will explore many a more different things and my ideas will grow.

Here, I will upload anything I have that I feel are vital to have in the kitchen and things you may want to find yourselves.